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  • The LOR is developed under the auspices of IAEA TC regional project RAS0075-Networking for Nuclear Education, Training, and Outreach Programmes in Nuclear Science and Technology in the Framework of ANENT. This LOR was created to help the ANENT users to intelligently search and fetch appropriate learning resources from a large volume of learning materials having different electronic formats using semantic web-based tools. The ability of LOR to search through training materials in almost all electronic format s is a boon to the user. This will enhance the functionalities and capabilities of the ANENT education network significantly.

    The LOR is a repository of nuclear educational materials and outreach contents in synergy with existing regional nuclear educational networks. The LOR is a part of the ANENT Cyber Learning Platform with ANENT LMS and supports its functions to help ANENT Member Countries to use this platform in a collaborative manner in the area of nuclear science and technology to support education and training.



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