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Booklet on Managing Nuclear Knowledge, IAEA Activities and International Coordination, published by the IAEA, in 2007
This booklet summarizes the main activities being carried out by the IAEA with regard to the ANENT and other related activities including those completed during the period 2002–2005. It briefly describes the background information on the events leading to the formation of the ANENT; the terms of reference formulated at the second Coordination Committee meeting held in Vietnam, October 2005; and objectives, strategy and other institutional and managerial policies reaffirmed by the members.

E-Learning course material developed under various projects

E-Learning in Nuclear Medicine
Multimedia Course on Scientific and Technical Challenges in Nuclear Power Development
Nuclear Reactor Physics
VVER RPV Embrittlement Knowledge Preservation using Multimedia Technologies
IAEA’s Milestones Approach to Introducing a Nuclear Power Programme
Nuclear Energy Management School in Japan (2013)
IAEA Basics of the Logical Framework Approach (LFA) – Designing high quality IAEA Technical Cooperation Projects (Guidance on LFA concepts and main steps)
Interactive E-learning for Nuclear "Newcomers" (December 2013)
IAEA Helps Southeast Asian Countries Assess Economic Impacts of Introducing Nuclear Energy (December 2013)