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Workshop on Systematic Approach to Enhance the Capacity Building using Learning Object Repository(LOR) through Regional Learning Management System(R-LMS)_(12th-16th Nov 2018)
Name : 관리자 | Date : 2019.01.29 02:26 | Views : 2899

Workshop on Systematic Approach to Enhance the Capacity Building using

Learning Object Repository (LOR) through Regional Learning Management System (R-LMS) was held in Yogtakarta, Indonesia from 12th to 16th November in 2018.


The workshop was attended by 22 experts and staffs from Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Korea, Lebanon, Malaysia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Syria, Thailand, Yemen and IAEA.


During the workshop, participants gave presentations about recent initiatives and progress on ANENT R-LMS(Regionalr learning management system). And especially IAEA experts(Mr. Emiliano Marmonti and Mr. Kyungik Anders) gave presentations about LOR(Learing Object Repository) for enhancing of using R-LMS.

The objective of this workshop is as follows:


- Reporting the current progress and status of each group activity;

-Sharing of information and practices about use of Regional Learning Management System

- Identifying and addressing new and emerging challenges;

- Evaluating the foreseeable outcome of the TC regional project, RAS0075;

- Sharing best practices and lessons learned on nuclear education, training and outreach activities in the participating Member States;

- Updating the “Action Plan” for the implementation of the activities in 2018-2019;

- Discussing the planning and design of a new TC regional project for 2020-2021;

- Draft and adopt the recommendation and conclusion of the meeting


The workshop has been implemented successfully and the objectives of the meeting were achieved. The workshop prompted useful discussions and exchange of information on infrastructure, collection and sharing of materials, and uses of R-LMS for capacity building. The participants agreed that R-LMS can play important role for capacity building in the region. Participating countries identified opportunities to use the R-LMS and LOR for capacity building activities. Cooperation with other international organizations for sharing of their materials is emphasized as important factor in maximizing the utilization of the R-LMS and LOR. It is also seen that the R-LMS and LOR can be utilized by other international organizations and other regional networks for capacity building activities.


The workshop participants thanked BATAN Indonesia for hosting the workshop and for their active support to the project.

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