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  • ANENT Cyber Learning Platform(CLP) aims to facilitate sustainable education in the nuclear sector by empowering web-based development and dissemination of high quality e-learning resources and learning environments, in a way that is cost-effective, scalable and easy to use.

    ANENT CLP is a landing page of ANENT LMS and LOR, and has a search function with semantic technology for materials of LMS and LOR. ANENT CLP is to integrate available educational resources in synergy with existing nuclear knowledge based networks both within and outside the region and to promote the utilization of the ANENT E-learning platform for education and training making optimum use of information technology.

    The information and communication technology are developing rapidly and became very efficient but its utilization in education and training purpose is still low especially in nuclear fields. Promotion of nuclear science and technology to young scientists and the public is necessary to create better understanding and appreciation of its value. There are many best-practices of outreach materials and activities that have been developed in the ANENT countries. Yet, they have not been effectively shared among Member States. By uploading the e-learning contents to ANENT web portal, cost-effective learning and training in the Asia Pacific region can be accomplished. The CLP with LMS and LOR can support these objectives


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