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IAEA International Atomic 
Energy Agency

IAEA NKM International Atomic Energy 
Agency Nuclear Knowledge Management

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GA1 : Utilisation of ANENT LMS and Tools

  • Create new ANENT LMS framework on Cloud System
  • Manage the ANENT LMS including integrated database (IDB) and learning object repository (LOR)
  • Promote to upload materials on the LMS

GA2 : e-Learning Courses and Contents

  • Collect and develop e-Learning contents
  • Implement e-Learning courses
  • E-Learning Management Board

GA3 : Regional Outreach Activity

  • Collect and review of outreach contents and curricula
  • Implement outreach program, workshop, conference
  • Outreach Management Board

GA4 : Logical Framework Approach

  • Prepare, planning and design of follow-up TC project
  • Analysis of SWOT and Problem tree
  • Report ANENT activities

GA5 : Communication and collaboration

  • Develop ANENT booklet
  • Issue ANENT newsletter once a year
  • Communication/collaboration with other networks