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Objectives & Strategies

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The primary objectives of ANENT are to assist the member countries in building capacity and develop human and scientific infrastructure through co-operation in education, nuclear knowledge management and related research and training in nuclear technology in the Asian region by utilizing the e-learning platform and advanced Information and Communication Technology (ICT) particular through:

  • - Sharing nuclear information and knowledge relevant to nuclear education and training;
  • - Providing expert assistance and review services to members as needed;
  • - Serving as facilitator for communication between ANENT members and other regional and global


The strategy of ANENT rests upon the principles of cooperation and sharing of information and knowledge for capacity building as part of nuclear infrastructure development and better use of available resources.

ANENT will strive to:

  • - Integrate available educational resources in synergy with existing nuclear knowledge based networks both
      within and outside the region.
  • - Promote the utilization of the ANENT E-learning platform for education and training making optimum use
      of information technology.
  • - Facilitate the experienced nuclear professionals to share their expertise with the younger generation and
      help attract talented youth to the nuclear profession in view of alternate competing career options.