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Ms. Supitcha appointed as chairperson of ANENT during the 2nd coordination meeting
Name : 관리자 | Date : 2017.06.07 16:49 | Views : 1751

Ms. Supitcha appointed as chairperson of ANENT during the coordination meeting

The second coordination meeting of ANENT was held in Fukui, Japan from 15 to 19 May 2017, organized by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and co-sponsored by Fukui Prefectural Government, The Wakasa Wan Energy Research Center. A total of 30 participants from 19 member states gathered in the Fukui International Human Resources Development Center and discussed on networking for nuclear education, training and outreach programme in nuclear science and technology.

During the meeting, participants from all over the Asia-Pacific region shared what member states have done to progress the project and explored how they could promote networking for nuclear human resource development. Also the representative of each country did not only review the progress of the tasks set a year ago, but also established a new action plan and various recommendations. The implementation of the cloud system is vital for the success of the e-learning activities and it is anticipated that the development of a LOR (Learning  Object Repository) will lead to a synergy with other regional networks.

Furthermore, all participants made a report on the current status of human resources development and outreach activities. And ANENT members dealt with issues of the IAEA Internet Research Reactors, guidelines for outreach activities, easy access to the learning management system managed by KAERI and so on. They actively contributed their efforts in developing future group activities based on IAEA TC Project RAS/0/075 by consisting of 5 ones which are Utilization of ANENT LMS and Tools, e-Learning Courses and Contents, Regional Outreach Activity, Logical Framework Approach, Communication and Collaboration. Reviewing the framework structure, ANENT agreed that it would be beneficial to have a Communication Officer, Mr. Mincheol PARK from KONICOF, South Korea. For the technical tour, ANENT in cooperation with Fukui prefectural government organized a field trip to the Mihama nuclear power station.

Iastly, ANENT appointed Ms. Supitcha Chanyotha from Thailand as the new chair, Ms. Rola Bou Khozam from Lebanon and Ms. Ana Elena Lopo Conjares from Philippines as vice chairs over the next two years. The meeting participants expressed their gratitude to the IAEA staffs, Ms. Keiko Hanamitsu, Scientific Secretary and Mr. Massoud Malek, Project Management Officer.

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